Staff Biography

  • Anna Chaves - Class Teacher

    Anna Chaves' interest in education started during her undergraduate studies at Antioch College in Ohio, where she focused her studies on alternative and progressive education models. She then went on to teach at international schools in India, Switzerland, the UK, and most recently at the Tripat Waldorf School in Bangkok, Thailand. She has many years of experience and training in the IB's Primary Years Programme (PYP), as well as receiving her Steiner Waldorf Diploma from the London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar in London, UK. She joined Forest House Waldorf School in 2016 as a class teacher and is excited to be taking part in Hong Kong's first Waldorf primary school.

  • Cindy Cornish - Class Teacher

    Cindy Cornish completed her Waldorf Training at the Centre for Creative Education, Cape Town, South Africa, in 1999, and began teaching at a pioneering Waldorf School. As class teacher and colleague, Cindy was committed to the growth and development of both the children and the school. She completed two seven year cycles, teaching in primary school, and followed her second class into their first term of High School. At the Centre for Creative Education, Cindy was an active member on the Board of Trustees and the College of Teachers, as well as being involved in legal, financial and conflict resolution within school management. Cindy began working in Hong Kong in June 2013, as a kindergarten teacher in a Waldorf inspired kindergarten while assisting with the setting up of Forest House Waldorf School. She began teaching class one in September 2014, and is now teaching a combined class of mixed age children. She continues to support the development of Waldorf Education in Hong Kong.

  • Crystal Liu - Mandarin Teacher

    Crystal comes from mainland China. She holds both a BA and an MEd in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She worked as a Volunteer Chinese Teacher in Thailand for two years after getting her BA degree at Chongqing Normal University and later furthered her MEd study at The University of Hong Kong. Her strength lies in her constant efforts to pursue improvement while keeping a firm footing in the fundamentals of Mandarin. She has experienced teaching in different international settings and has a great insight in different curriculums. She begins Waldorf training in 2018. She also has a certificate in first aid.

  • Daisy Ng - Administration Officer

    Daisy is our Administration Officer. She is passionate about learning and teaching and believes every child has his or her unique potential that serves the further development of humanity through Waldorf Education. Daisy enjoys working with community members, staff members, parents, students and school culture. She began her career in education administration in 2004. Daisy majored in Early Childhood Education at Langara College (Canada). She holds a Trinity College London Vocal Grade 8, and currently teaching singing in her leisure time. Additionally, Daisy is a licensed First Aider and she enjoys photography and outdoor activities.

  • Dina Fieck - Class Teacher

    Dina Fieck attended a Waldorf school in Sydney, Australia and continued to complete the Waldorf School Teacher Training. Dina also holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education and has completed three Waldorf School teaching cycles, Class One to Class Seven, in Waldorf Schools in Australia. She then moved into leadership positions in Australian and American Waldorf Schools, finishing contracts as Head Teacher, Principal and Education Director. Dina began teaching Class One in Forest House Waldorf School in 2017 and is excited to return to class teaching and to support the development of Waldorf Education in Hong Kong.

  • Gwen Guo - Mandarin Teacher

    Gwen began her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher at Zhong Shan University Kindergarten in Guangzhou China, where she worked for 10 years. After her marriage, she moved to the United States and returned to school at Berkeley. There, she welcomed her two sons into the world and later returned to China after 6 years.

    Gwen began her Waldorf Primary School teacher training in 2011 and completed it in 2016. As part of her on going development, Gwen actively participates in various Waldorf workshops and conferences. Gwen joined Forest House in September 2015 after serving as an assistant teacher for a year at a Waldorf inspired kindergarten in Hong Kong. Her teaching duties include Mandarin lessons, as well as skilled crafts. She enjoys the daily challenges of combining Waldorf Education with Chinese culture and Arts.

  • Jan Liu - Accountant

    Jan Liu has been in the field of Accounting and Finance for more than 15 years, mainly working with MNCs having operations both in Hong Kong and China. The industries she was involved in, range from services to manufacturing of electronic security products and textiles. She has equipped herself with good business knowledge of both reporting requirements in both these regions. Her previous responsibilities required her to set up a new ERP system, refining processes, preparations of budgets and forecasts, and cash flow management. Jan enjoys photography as she feels that capturing moments brings back fond memories and moments in life.

  • Katherine Hart - Teacher

    Katherine has an undergraduate degree in English and Irish literature from University College Dublin and completed her primary teacher training at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 2003. Having taught both mainstream and the IB curriculum in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Dubai and South Korea, Katherine has a strong background understanding of education in different systems and cultures.

    She specializes in Music; having completed the Royal Irish Academy of Music exams to grade 8 level in piano, singing, music theory and French horn. She also loves to play the guitar. She has a keen interest in Language Arts and Mathematics for the higher grades. Katherine is an avid reader of Steiner’s works and feels very connected to his philosophy. She considers herself privileged to work in the loving and supportive environment of a Waldorf school.

  • Kitty Lai - Housekeeper

    Kitty is the housemother at Forest House Waldorf School. She joined in May 2014, taking care of the children traveling on the bus, and caring for the staff.

    Kitty enjoys working in this green environment, and being with the children is one of the happiest jobs she has had.


  • Lajja Mandal – Class Teacher

    Lajja was born in India and completed her Primary and Middle school Education in Abu Dhabi. After graduating from Mumbai University in Microbiology and Genetic Engineering, Lajja’s passion gravitated towards teaching. She went on to also earn a Bachelor of Education at Mumbai University. She served as a high school teacher and a high school supervisor in an International main stream school for 7 years in Mumbai prior to her calling to Waldorf education. Then, she completed her Basic and Advanced Diploma in Steiner Education in Mumbai, India and she regularly attended workshops at Khandala held by the President of Anthroposopical society in India and also attended the AWTC at Hyderabad and Manila. She has also received training in Basic Eurythmy.

    Lajja has worked at a Waldorf School in Mumbai for over 13 years. During this time, Lajja has been both a Grades teacher and high school guardian. She was sent by her school to attend an exchange program for teachers at the Edinburgh Steiner School . In her high school role, Lajja specialized in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History of Art. Besides teaching, she has contributed a lot to many other aspects of school development, including curriculum development, administration, mentoring teachers, and parent induction and education.

  • Mark Rosario - Principal

    Mark Rosario started his childhood education at St. Teresa's School and remained there for his primary education, moving on to St. Joseph's College for his secondary education till Form 5. Upon graduating from Form 5 he was awarded a scholarship to study at the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales which at that time was one of the pioneering schools offering what is now the well-established International Baccalaureate programme. He returned to Hong Kong to do his undergraduate studies at the University of Hong Kong and continued his studies there to obtain his Certificate in Education having decided to devote his life to teaching.

    Prior to his appointment as the first Principal of Forest House Waldorf School, Hong Kong, he taught at Diocesan Boys' School which has been his only other place of employment since he graduated from university. At Diocesan Boys' School, he was promoted to Deputy Headmaster within four years of joining the school and held that post for more than 20 years.

  • Stephanie He - Teaching Assistant

    Stephanie He was born and raised in Guangzhou, China, and completed her Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Singapore. She obtained her bachelor's degree at the University of Hong Kong. To pursue her passion in education studies, Stephanie went on to achieve a Master of Education at HKU, as well as a teaching certificate in the IB's Primary Years Programme (PYP).

    Stephanie has interests in travelling and the arts, especially in literature and art education. She also enjoys doing voluntary work in teaching and mentoring both primary and secondary school students. She is currently undergoing the Waldorf Teacher Training programme and is excited to contribute to the development of Waldorf Education in Hong Kong.